Jan 24, 2011

My Own Version of Quesadillas

I was inspired to make my own version of quesadilla because of Zapata's in Clark, Pampanga. They serve authentic Mexican dishes in their restaurant and I really enjoyed their food. If we have a time we always stop by at this restaurant. We don't mind travelling from Manila to Clark just to take a sip to their special margarita. We never forget to ask salsa and jalapeňo on the side. That's how I really their food.

I'm not that really good in making a quesadilla so what I just did is that just I put slices of Swiss sausage and quick melt cheese inside the two sheets of tortilla. I put it in the oven and voila! It's done. The taste wasn't bad so I guess I made it right. LOL 
I love spicy foods so I put Tabasco on it. This is great for snacks especially when you're watching movies at home.


  1. oooh sis, I love quesadillas too... well, I love buritos and tacos of all mexican food. Onga sis, anything with cheese makes a great snack.

  2. That looks like a lot, did you had some help or did you finish everything? :P

    I haven't tried making my own quesadillas, that really sounds like a good idea. :)

  3. I just made it all by myself. It would be better if you would use mozarella cheese. Try it is really delicious.

  4. I love food posts! :) Been hearing great reviews about Zapatas so far. Ginugutom tuloy ako looking at the quesadillas you made. Hmmm, might as well try making one myself.

  5. Try mo. It's very easy to make and you can choose which ingredient you want to use.

    The food at Zapata's is great. I love their quesadillas, burritos, salsa and of course margarita. Favorite ko ang margarita nila.



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