Jan 10, 2011

One Last Sticker Needed

I needed one last sticker for my Starbucks planner. Can't wait to have the planner. I started using a planner since 2007. I always wanted to write down my itineraries to keep myself organized. I'm a forgetful person so I really needed something to write on. This would be my first time to use a Starbucks planner. At first, I didn't want to use it because it's a little bit big and heavy. But I had no choice, my sister and her husband gave me this card with only 5 slots left. But honestly, I got challenged and excited to complete the remaining slots. My sister and her hubby are both addicted to this and it's quite contagious. LOL

Yesterday I went to Starbucks alone to accomplish at least 2 stickers. When I arrived at SM Fairview, I went straight to Starbucks. The line was a little bit slow. While waiting for my turn, the guy next to me saw my card and he told me, "Malapit mo na ma-complete yan ha" I just gave him a smile. I was supposed to get mad at him 'coz he made an order knowing that he's behind me. When he paid his order, he gave me his 2 stickers since he forgot his card. The cashier offered him a new card but the guy still insisted to give it to me. I was very happy that time. I really thanked him a lot. 

So it's 5 - 2 - 2 = 1 sticker. It means I can complete it by today and get my Starbucks 2011 Planner. 


  1. At least he gave you his stickers in return. Hehe, hope you get your planner soon and make the most of it. As for me I'm not a planner type of girl, yet. Maybe one day. :)

  2. you're lucky! Hope you completed it already. Based from my friends opinion, Starbucks' wood type planner is better than the velvet red and silver. Maybe they're kasi un silver planner, natutuklap na un harap.. O_o

    btw, I'm from GT (mochafrap) and saw you're post there. followed you sis. Hope you can also visit my blog. http://mmdc7.blogspot.com

  3. @Madz, thanks. A planner keeps myself organized. LOL

    @Mel, really? Unfortunately, I chose the silver one. Sayang, late ko na nabasa comment mo. Iingatan ko na lang so it could last for the whole year. Thanks for following my blog. I followed yours too.

  4. I had a planner once but I did not use it. =/ Lol. I dunno. Planners aren't for me I guess.

    Let's xlink? http://realfairytales.info/

  5. Hi Mary, I'm a forgetful person that's why I use a planner. Thanks for your comment. Will put your blog on the my list. Thanks...



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