Mar 30, 2011

Polaris Beach Resort at Pagudpud

I can still remember our vacation at Pagudpud last December. I can't get over with the breath taking view of the white sand and the beach. Aside from the beach, we were able to visit other beautiful places in Ilocos. I didn't know how beautiful Ilocos Norte was until I explored it. I should really be a proud Ilocana. =)

We were actually on a tight budget that's why we went to a public beach resort which is Polaris. I think this is a famous beach resort in Ilocos. The entrance fee was very cheap. We've paid 20 pesos (around $.22) for the entrance fee for adults and only 10 pesos ($.22)n for children. The resort was very clean and I can't barely see and plastics scattered on the sand or floating on the water. 

We stayed in what they call "home stay" just in front of the beach resort. The price ranges from P750 - P2000 ($17 - $45) depending on the type of room you will get. It is very affordable. The tenants were very kind and we really felt at home during our stay there.

It wasn't summer yet but there were a lot of people who went here during our stay. I've observed that most of the people here are disciplined that they throw their trash on the trash bins. There were lots of trash bins that you can see in this resort so you wouldn't really worry where to throw your litters. I've also observed that the personnel are really doing their. They really maintain the cleanliness in the resort. It was like swimming on a private resort. The water was really clean.

Pagudpud is called the "Boracay of the North" because of its white sand.

It's my first time to see a fish that looks like this. So cute. The fishermen accidentally caught it.

From Polaris Beach Resort, you can see the view of the famous "Bangui Windmills."

I love this shot! This is my sister enjoying the beautiful scenery.

These are some of my favorite shots in Polaris. =)


  1. Wow, sis. I've never been to Pagudpod before. The resort really looks well-maintained :) I just wish it doesn't take so long to get there.

  2. Actually, it takes more than 10 hours pag nagbiyahe via land pero puede naman mag plane para mabilis.

    Sobrang ganda ng Pagudpud you will enjoy the place. =)


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