Mar 11, 2011

Tuesday Randomness

Last Tuesday, I was surprised when I saw something on our gate. We had a guest sleeping there and it was a bat. It's so cute! Finally, I've seen a bat that close and I was even able to take a picture of it. Of course, the camera has no flash so I wouldn't disturb his sleep.

The bat stayed there for the whole day. But sad to say he died. I don't know why but I saw his dead body near the house the next morning. =(

Although I was having a difficulty in walking that time, I still managed to go to NBI Monumento to get my NBI certificate. Thanks to Paul who accompanied and drove for me to get there. It's my first time to go in NBI Monumento since I've heard that NBI is no longer operating in Carriedo. It was  located inside a mall on 5th floor. Luckily, there was an elevator. In just less than 20 minutes, I got my NBI certificate renewed and there was really no hassle.

I was able to accomplish things this Tuesday despite of my condition. It wasn't really easy because I was hobbling when walking. I feel a little pain on my wounded foot especially when I bump it on the stairs or any surface. I had to endure the pain in order to do the following activities for this day:
1. withdraw money from the bank
2. get a 2x2 photo
3. go to NBI Monumento
With my condition, I think I have accomplished enough, right?
I drank a bottle of Tanduay Ice afterwards and ate 2 orders of chicharong bulaklak to relax myself after a tiring day. =)

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