May 6, 2011

Pinked: My Cheap Waterproof Case

Last Wednesday, I have purchased these two waterproof case from ebay for my digicam. I am not really sure if it's really working but at least it work protect my digicam from water splashes when we go swimming. It only costs Php105 each for a total of Php210 + Php100 shipping fee. I just spent Php310 (more or less $7. I really appreciate the seller's smooth transaction and communication when I bought them. It only took me 2 days for the items to arrive. The pink one is mine and the white one is for my sister's. By the way, the plastic bag is so cute. It's pink and there's a 'thank you' note in there.


  1. You made a good investment sis. It's better to prevent your camera from any disaster by covering it up with water proof cases :D It's not cheap. I think the one Cebu Pacific is selling on their flights are much cheaper :D

  2. Thanks sis. It really worked. I used it during our swimming in Batangas. =)


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