Jun 9, 2011

Side Effects that You Should Be Aware Of

Be careful with the drugs you take especially when you are pregnant. You have to consult your doctor first before taking any medicine in order to prevent any unwanted side effects for the baby that you are conceiving. The best example of this is the Topamax drug which is used as anti-convulsant for children and adults. This type of drug can cause birth defects to the baby inside when the mother has taken this drug. Sometimes this type of injury may not be your fault especially when you do not  have the knowledge with its effects that can be the dangerous to the baby so there are experts who are willing to help you with regards to Topamax lawsuit. They can help you with this matter because they are experienced and can handle this kind of case. If you do not not have the knowledge regarding this matter, you can always consult an expert to know the necessary steps to be done.

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