Jul 15, 2011

GT: My Best Gift this Year

Material things are not really important on my birthdays. Honestly, I'm contented with the greetings that I get from my friends and family. I don't really expect gifts since I don't usually celebrate my birthday that much. I'm fine with cooking some foods at home or just eating out with few friends or family. I always have a simple birthday.

I'm so happy that this year my Mama gave me a 100 Euro which is I didn't really expect. it. I know it's just a money everyone receives that from their parents as their birthday gift, too. What makes this gift special? Heller! I'm already 26 years old and my Mama still gives me money on my birthdays. She still treats me like her baby girl. ^_^

1 comment

  1. wow. i wish my mom still gives me money. it's the other way around nowadays! hehehe. first time i've seen euros, actually :D



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