Aug 3, 2011

My First IELTS Examination Experience

Last Wednesday (July 27), I had my IELTS speaking test at Makati. I was really nervous that day hoping that I would be able to deliver my answers confidently without stammering. But unfortunately, I failed to do so. I got very nervous during the interview that I wasn't able to express what was on my mind. In my opinion, I did try my very best in order to answer the interviewer's questions in a fluent English. Minalas lang ako at nasira ang zipper ng slacks ko before the interview. Hahaha! I was so thankful that my blouse is a bit long and it was able to cover it.

Then went to Timog to get relaxed. We ate some barbecues and my favorite pulutan - chicharong bulaklak with Tanduay ice.

The exam was not yet over since I still have my writing tests (Listening, Reading and Writing) which I took last Saturday (July 30). I was really thankful that I was really able to wake up early at around 4:00 a.m. and arrived 2 hours before the exam. I got less nervous here since I didn't have to speak (I get uber nervous everytime I have an interview... LOL)

I had my breakfast on Starbucks located just in front of the testing area. I ordered Green Tea Latte 'coz I didn't want to drink coffee since it's a diuretic and I hate going to the restroom everytime. I just want to be relaxed on my seat.

The ambiance was great since the writing test was held on Shangri-La Hotel. Water and candies are provided inside the room. They also provided erasers for the examinees since we will be using pencils. There were around more or less 300 examinees that time. The seating arrangement was by 2' per column. They were strict but that's really common on any testing area, right?

After the exam, it was really a relief. Me and my IELTS review classmates decided to celebrate it by eating to a buffet restaurant near the area. It's in Dad's inside Glorietta mall. I ate a lot of sushi. Honestly, wala akong ganang kumain. I kept on thinking about the exam. I was really crossing my fingers hoping that I was able to reach the scores I need.

Then went to Tagaytay to unwind and relax. Luckily, it was foggy that afternoon. This is what I really enjoy in Tagaytay so we decided to go to Park in the Sky to feel the cold weather and get up close with the fog.

As you can see, I'm all smiles because I just love the weather in this place. Afterwards, we ate Bulalo and I drank avocado shake. Yummy...

I hope I would get good IELTS score. In God's will, everything will be alright. =)


  1. good luck to your Canadian dream. =)

  2. "In God's will, everything will be alright". -Amen to that! =)


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