Aug 8, 2011

Looking for a Date

Sometimes, I miss being single because I get to do whatever I wanted without asking permission from anybody. I can go out anywhere and anytime I want. I can even mingle with anybody. But if I become a single, I will miss having a partner. At least right now, I’m happy with my love life unlike my friend who has been single for her whole 26 years of life and she’s now hoping to find the love of her life. I suggested to her to go on a blind date. But unfortunately, she did not like her date. She’s a little bit choosy. So I gave her another suggestion which is through dating websites. I think this is better that a blind date because she doesn’t have to waste time on finding the right man for her. She can just meet guys through the internet and just start chatting with them. My friend will really like this idea in my opinion because it will be very convenient for her since she’s very busy with her work. I hope she will find the guy that she’s been looking for there. She’s already in her mid 20s but she never had a boyfriend. So I told her that she should not be afraid in taking the risk in having a relationship since we all learn from our past relationships and it helps us to become a better a person. I told my friend to try because it shows the best dating websites that a searcher might find. Who knows, she might be able to find her date there and later on might become her partner in life. We’ll never know but some women were able to find their partner in life through online dating that some really lasted very long. Only future can tell it, right?

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