Sep 20, 2011

GT: All White

This may not be my uber favorite color but I still like it for its simplicity and pureness. As a nurse, this is the usual color of our uniform if we are not wearing scrub suits. I really miss wearing this uniform since I usually wear scrub suits and I really do hope I'll be able to work in a hospital setting again. I'm planning to apply to a hospital again this year so my  skills and knowledge won't rust. I really miss it. I just don't want to work as a volunteer nurse or trainee because for me, it is really unfair not to get any incentives/salary when the  type of work your doing is the same as with the staff nurses, right? I am really against volunteerism since I have already experienced it. Been there, done that, don't wanna do it again!!!


  1. you look lovely Ms. Nurse :-), dropping some love for GT, hope you can drop me back some love here

  2. Hi sis! :) Dropping by from GT. You are a nurse din pala. I also am a nurse but hindi ko pa napapractice profession natin since it's really hard to find work nowadays.

    My older sis told me there are openings in UAE but kailangan ng HAAD. Hope you can work again in a hospital soon sis. Take care! :)

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog. =)

    @wifetoalineman02 - visited your blog.

    @Karla - Thanks sis. =)

  4. love white shirts! and so does my entire family, lol! left you a kiss, girl! hope i get one back, thanks!

    do you mind checking out on Fat Pam?

  5. i must say, white looks good on you! and good luck with the application dear! i hope you get what you dearly wish for :)

  6. that was me, by the way. LOL. signed in on a diff account by mistake.

  7. Thanks for all your comments sisses ^_^


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