Sep 8, 2011

GT: Pink Is Love

I don't know why I'm still in love with this color. I started liking it since I was in high school. That time, I feel that pink represents my personality which is "kikay" and very girly though I'm not mahinhin. Until now, I still go gaga with this color. Even my blogger template is pink and I'm really looking forward on having a pink car someday.

These are some of my pink stuff. Clockwise: small piglet plush toy, hello kitty lamp, mini make up case, dumbbell for my aerobics, rubber cases for my cellphone and ipod and pink plastic envelope for my important documents. I got a lot of it in my room 'coz I never got tired of of buying pink items. LOL


  1. all girls are. I think.. it's because its so soft and calm looking... cool collection you have there... dropping by for GT.. :) see you @

  2. your make up kit is so "kikay".

    visiting via GT!

  3. Lots of pinks right there! Everything is so cute and lovely! :)

    Me, too. I got LOTSA PINKS shared. Hope you can visit me, too! ;-)

  4. oh my gosh i love the makeup case! i want i want i want! hihihi. pink is pretty, not surprised you never get tired of it ;)

  5. Where did you get that pink dumbbell? It is so cute. I have have one! Lol.


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