Sep 29, 2011

My September Beauty Haul

I did not plan to buy much but as usual, I ended up buying a lot of beauty stuffs. You know I've been addicted to shopping at Watson's this year. I guess I started to get more conscious about my skin and the way I look. Honestly, I am a low maintenance woman that I don't even put creams on my face religiously though I always wear make-up. I don't regularly go to a salon to have my manicure, pedicure, haircut or even have my facial. In short, I am lazy on doing these things. So starting this month, I promise myself to take care of my skin. I've noticed that I'm starting to have fine lines on my eye area and I got scared about it.

I am an avid Nivea user so I bought these items. This is my first time to try these products from Nivea and it is my very first time to try an anti-wrinkle eye cream. This deodorant is new so I wanna try it, I am using the whitening one of Nivea. With the facial foam and toner, I was using other brand so it's really interesting for me to try these two from Nivea.

I'm starting to love this product. I can feel the effect after using it. My hair became smoother and a little bit thicker. I am really attracted with products that have a milk ingredient.

ELF products... This is my second buy of their eyeliner pen and I'm really satisfied with it. This is my first time to use their mascara. Sounds interesting since it says it has mineral in it.

I hate myself for not reading instructions. I was surprised when I opened one of the bottles at home. The brush is thin! It's too late when I read that it's for nail art. That's the advantage of buying cheap nail polish. LOL

So there you go, I just wanna share it to you guys. =)

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  1. great haul! the elf eyeliner pen is making me curious and i might get one for myself. saw your blog through GT, sis.

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