Oct 3, 2011

A Day at Subic

Last May 22, Paul and I decided to go to Subic to unwind and relax. Well, 1 day is not enough, I really wanted to stay more and enjoy the cool breeze of the wind but we had to go back to Manila that same day.

I always enjoy the view in SCTEX:

I spotted this cute yellow VW Beetle. I really love this car.

During the sunset we saw people especially families who were spending their time on the beach walking, playing or simply dipping their feet in the sea. I don't know what street this was but this is the part of Subic where there are restaurants near the beach. Of course, we ate there but we ordered only one dish since we were still full because we ate a lot during lunch at Yellow Club but I wasn't able to take photos there because I was so hungry that time. LOL

We ordered Singaporean Street Noodle (not really sure if that's the exact name). By the way, I forgot the name of the restaurant.

It was cold that time that's why I really enjoyed a bottle of Coors light.

Before going home, I took a shot of the moon. I noticed that it was a bit big which I think not it's usual size.

We wished we could stay more there but we had to go back to Manila so after a few months, we came back there which I will blog in the future.

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