Nov 28, 2011

Fiesta Somewhere in Cavite

This is a very very late post. Sorry I forgot where exactly in Cavite it was and I've even forgotten the name of their patron saint since this was months ago. It's my brother in law's officemate. My sister invited me to come with them and since it's fiesta, I agreed immediately. They prepared a lot of food but it was this oyster that we enjoyed eating.

It tasted good especially when we dipped it into pinakurat (a visayan vinegar). We ate about 2 to 3 small buckets of oysters. I think they got this near the beach since the beach was a few walks away. While eating oysters, we drank a bottle of wine and it was really awesome!

After eating, the owner of the house accompanied us to the beach since we all wanted to see it. While on our way to the beach, I took a picture around the area and some are weird signage.

I know my English is not perfect, too. But quite funny, ayt?

Another one, this resort is located just a little bit behind BIL's officemate's house. Why do have to go to Florida when Miami is just located in Cavite? Just kidding...

My sister and I both love taking pictures. So we took some pictures while we where on the beach. The beach wasn't that clear. It was dark. We didn't go swimming since we didn't bring extra clothes. We didn't have any idea that the beach was this near from their house.

Candid shot care of my sister. Love it! You can see on this picture on how the beach looks.

As what my sister told me, 'mag-pose sa bangka!' So I did and it looked good.

 From that day on, I started to appreciate eating oyster. I used to hate eating baked oysters but because of this experience, I start liking it and making it as one of my favorite foods. I even tried the Rockefeller in Oyster Boy and it was really yummy. 


  1. I like oysters.. ^^ They're delish! Try them baked with cheese, you might like it too.. :)

  2. Yes sis, I love baked oysters. Favorite ko kasi ang cheese. LOL

  3. Haha. Kakatawa naman ang Black at Miami Beach. Only in the Philippines yan! :D

  4. hahaha natawa naman ako.."black" talaga..hehe
    nice blog..following you now..=)



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