Nov 24, 2011

First Time at Ocean Adventure

This is actually a late post. We were supposed to go swimming in Subic that time but my sister had changed her mind when we reached Subic when she saw the 'To Ocean Adventure Sign.' No one objected since we were all first timers. We arrived there at almost 12:00 noon so we hurriedly took our lunch there since the second set of shows will start by 1:00 pm.

Just wanna share this to you just in case you wanna know the entrance fee.

The Eco Theater is the first stop. Here are the pictures:

The two Aetas are demonstrating on how to make fire out of bamboo but they failed to do it so assuming na lang na may fire. ^_^

I saw this guy on TV5. He was interviewed regarding the bats in Subic.

Seaside Stadium...

This is my favorite. This creature is huge. I forgot what kind of creature he is but he is not a dolphin. He was trying to imitate the shark and he looks so cute there.
I was I could be a dolphin trainer too so I can do the same. Kakainggit... =)

I forgot the name of this show already. Memory gap?
There are two guys who are doing some exhibitions.

Olongapo Jones and Pawee the cute mascot =)

Another cute mascot, Leila =)

This was the last show...

Belat!!! What a cute sea lion.

I want a kiss, too.

Sea lions waving goodbye...

Close encounter with the dolphin.

This kid is really funny. He's making fun of us while taking pictures. He was scolded by his mom afterwards. LOL

We went to Zoobic Safari afterwards because they had a 'Night Safari' that time but unfortunately, my camera's battery was dead already.


Next time, my camera will always be ready 'coz I bought a spare battery for it. It was an unexpected tour. We all thought that we were just go swimming in Subic but sometimes the unplanned activities will be more fun and enjoyable.

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