Nov 25, 2011

That is Stealing!

I heard a noise outside our house so I tried to peep on our window to check it out and to my surprise, I saw our neighbor harvesting the fruits of our mango tree! If I'm not mistaken, they were able to get a bunch of mango fruits about more or less 2 big plastic bags. That's a lot! It's not that I don't want to give them but they should have asked permission from the owner first. It's a sign of disrespect to neighbor.

Our neighbor together with her panungkit! So rude! She just kept on harvesting the fruits without our permission. Actually, her whole family are harvesting. What a great way to spend time with the family.

So after a couple of months, we decided to cut the tree down to avoid many issues. I will really miss our mango tree especially now that it's supposed to start bearing flowers. No more fresh mango tree for me. =(


  1. Awww.. I feel sad for the mango tree.. :( Anyway, your neighbors are rude ah! Have you tried talking to them about their inappropriate family past-time? Our neighbor also has a mango tree, but he's the one offering us pa nga to get some fruits since they don't harvest them anyway.

    PS: Visiting from GT. Hope you can check my blog too, and follow if you like. Thanks!

  2. ^I tried it sis but they are narrow minded. Sila pa ang nagalit sa min.

  3. i love mango, sayang yung tree. i hate neighbors who are so insensitive.

  4. ^Sobrang namimiss ko na nga yung mango tree namin sis.

  5. Sayang ang tree! Pero I don't blame you. Nakaka irita naman ang mga neighbors na yan. :(
    Anyway, Merry Christmas! Ang pink ng blog mo. I like it!


  6. Thanks for visiting blog Paula =). I really felt bad when our mango tree was gone. No more fresh mango fruits for me. Pink is my favorite color kasi kaya sobrang pink ng blog ko. LOL


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