Nov 12, 2011

That's the Power of Blogging

I blogged about my rants about our former housemaid just this year and to my surprise, she read about it. She got really mad at me and she confronted our Aunt in the province regarding this matter. According to my Auntie, our former maid was freakin' mad on what I did to her. She cannot contact me anymore since she no longer have my contact number. Sumugod pa daw talaga sa house ng Aunt ko well who would expect that she wouldn't behave that way. 

Because of what she did, it gave me a good reason not to delete my blog post about her nor even her picture. She deserves it. In the first place, she should've been ready for the consequences that might happen the moment she did that nasty thing to us. Anu ba naman ang magpaalam ng maayos kung ayaw na pala niya sa amin. Right? Now, you reap what you sow. Everything that I've written are all true. No more no less so she doesn't have the right to get mad at me nor even to my Aunt (she's the one who referred the maid to us). She even told my Aunt na quits na daw kami sa debts niya because of what I did to her. Hello! We already expected that she will never pay her debt. Sorry, I have already blogged about you.

I have already forgiven her. Besides, it's already a past. We have to move on regarding this matter. That's the consequence of what she did so she should accept it and change her wrongdoings. I blogged it because I want her to know my feelings about it and to teach her a lesson as well. At least because of my blog she was able to know it. I hope she learns her lesson well.

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