Jan 23, 2012

Debut Party

I attended a debut party of my neighbor a week ago. I was so excited to go since I wasn't able to attend to my high school friends' debut party during our time and I didn't experience such thing because I had a very simple 18th birthday celebration. Well, I was just excited to wear a nice dress with my make up on since I rarely do this.

Me with my curls and no makeup. I just borrowed the curlers from my friend. I had a hard time rolling my hair in there.

With makeup. I hope it looks good on me. I put my makeup first before I removed my curlers so I wouldn't get distracted with my hair.

The venue. It was held at Great Eastern Hotel Manila. We arrived there early so I was able to take some shots of the place.

It's a little blurred. We had the chance to take a picture on the photo booth before the party started. There was a very long line when guests started to arrive until the party ended.

Picture moment before we started to eat our dinner.

Of course, the beautiful and gorgeous debutante. She's got a very beautiful gown. This young girl is a certified fashionista but very practical in buying clothes and shoes.

After the celebration, we went straight to Timog for continuation of the party minus the debutante since she had already committed with her other friends but we still enjoyed it a lot. Di ko ka-close yung iba since minsan lang naman ito kaya carry na rin.

By the way, I really had a problem with what to wear so my friend advised me to just buy a dress in tiangge since I'll just wear it once. She also bought her dress there.

Not bad, right? My only problem was my tummy. I gained so much weight and I am really looking forward on getting back my old weight this year.

I only spent a little amount with my wardrobe compared to buying them in the mall. Here it is:

Dress - 300
Shoes - 250
Bracelet - 90
Ring - 50
Earrings - I had it for 2 years now.
Bag - 200 (thrifted)

I only spent less than P1000 (about $23). Gosh! I was really surprised so I'm thinking of buying clothes in tiangge and come up with nice combinations and share it through my blog.


  1. You look so nice on that dress sis! :) Really lovely. Btw, I like dressing up wisely so I also buy clothes in bazaars and tiannge.. :) There was even a phase in my life that I buy tons of stuff from thrift shops. I like shopping in boutiques too though, pero I make sure that the pieces I buy are unique ones that I won't easily find in tiangge.. :)



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