Jan 28, 2012

Eagle Point Resort

This is another late post.

Sorry this is very very long post.

Just a few weeks after our trip to Olongapo, this time we decided to go to Batangas. I am really a certified beach bum. I've been to beaches 4 times last 2011 and I hope I'll do the same this year. This time it was not a one day affair, we will spend a night there.

I just love clouds simply because they're just fun to look at and at the same they create different shapes and creatures like this one. I took this picture while we were at SLEX.

When we arrive at Tagaytay, the clouds became gloomy.

We ate our late lunch at Tagaytay in Army Navy. I had my favorite burritos and iced tea while Paul had mini tacos and beer (as usual). While we were eating, it rained but who cares we were both hungry that time.

Foggy afternoon. One of the things that I enjoy in Tagaytay is when it gets foggy.

Foggy mountains.

Photo op before heading to Batangas.

I saw this castle while we're on our way to our destination. So cute, it's rare for me to see a castle in our country.

At first, we didn't have any idea on what resort we were going to in Batangas. We just brought a map. The map was very helpful for us 'coz we didn't get lost and of course by the help of the local people that we asked for directions. We decided to go to Mabini and just find a good resort when we get there. We passed by at Taal, Batangas but I will put in a another blog post since this one is already very long.

It was gettin' dark when we got to Mabini. It was now time to find a resort for us. It was really a joy ride for us.

We've seen different resorts before we got here at Eagle Point Resort. I'm not saying that this is the best resort here but it was already dark and we were both tired already. We stayed in a cabana. It was fine but there was no electric fan nor air condition. We were thankful that it wasn't that hot that time.

While we were eating our dinner, I heard a sound of geckos. It was my first time to hear that so I was entertained by their sound. It was so cute! The sound of the beach waves was very relaxing and since we were already tired, we slept very early. Too bad we were not able to go night swimming.

When we woke up, we were welcomed by the sound of the geckos and birds. I immediately opened our door to the balcony to see the view of the beach. We saw lots of boats that passed by.

The clouds and the calm water.

Excited much! I already wore my swimsuit. We toured the area and had a photo op before eating our breakfast. ^_^

I just love posing in front of the camera. Hehe...

This picture was a fail but I still like it though. The island should be touching my palm. That is Sombrero island by the way.

Me again.

A boat.

A big rock.


Angel fish?

Weird creatures. All they do was just jump on and off the water.

School of fish.

I've got lots of shots of the boat.

Love it!!!

Cactus with flowers... 

Finally after our mini tour and pictorial with the resort we got to eat our breakfast. It was a buffet breakfast and I think it was included in our fee. I have the habit of getting a little portion of the dish in a buffet so I can taste most of the food.

 Afterwards, we went straight here wherein you can swim with the big fishes and baby sharks.

Lots of fishes in different types. This is about 9 feet deep so I was just on the stairs which was the only shallow part of the pool while I was taking pictures.

Baby sharks. It wasn't that easy to take pictures of underwater. I think I should buy my own waterproof camera so by next time, I'll be able to take nice photos.

I think this is the only most decent shot I got in the water.  I really wanted to swim the fish but I can't go any deeper than 6 feet though I know how to swim. I'm just scared.

 Then we went snorkeling for just about 30 minutes. We have to ride a boat and go to Sepok Island if we wanted to go swimming on the beach because there was no sand here, it was really rocky. Unfortunately, we didn't go there since it was already 11:00 am that time and we had to check out from our cabana at 2:00 pm so we just enjoyed their swimming pools. At least we snorkeled and see various sea creatures. We're already satisfied with that.

 What I like about my shots of the sea and clouds is that the clouds seem to that's as if you can reach them.

 Their swimming pool.

 Our cabana...

 An eagle...

They have birds and if I'm not mistaken ducks here. I didn't took a picture of the ducks.

 Ready to go home...

All I can say is that it was 'bitin' since we where not able to go to Sepok Island and we were not able to snorkel that long. There's so much things to do here that one is not enough. I wish we could have stayed longer but we had to go to work the next day.


  1. takot ako sa shark kahit baby pa yan. hehe!

  2. Ako din sis mejo natakot. Pero shy naman sila. Sila na mismo ang lumalayo sa kin.

  3. im from batangas (taal) but i've never been to any resort in mabini. kawawa naman ako.. hehe

    nakakatakot yung shark!

  4. Ok lng yun sis karamihan ng resorts sa Mabini ay para sa scuba diving kaya di mo rin masiyado ma eenjoy dun not unless gusto mo talaga magscuba. Kelangan mo pa talagang pumunta sa island para makapag swimming.



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