Jan 13, 2012

El Madero Farm and Resort

This is another late post. Last summer, my BIL had a pool party in Batangas and my sister invited me to come. Since it's in Batangas again, I said yes because I thought we were going to the beach. But to my surprise when we got there, it was just swimming pool. But it didn't stop me from having fun.

Me posing along the entrance of the resort.

Green is in! Green is everywhere and I love the ambiance. I saw a lot of mango trees there. I was really tempted to pick some of the fruits but I didn't do it. Nahihiya ako.

A hen and her chicks.

They also have zipline but none of us tried it because we found it very pambata.

It's where we stayed with the rest of BIL's officemates.


We went home before the sun went down but before going home we decided to stop by to any restaurant so we can eat dinner. We saw this cozy small restaurant and everyone agreed to eat there. We were glad that the food we ordered were all nice.

Their specialty pancit. It tasted so good.

This is Batangas so we should have a Bulalo on the table. =)

So there you go. Everyone was satisfied with the food and we're all ready to go home.

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