Jan 26, 2012


This is a long over due blog post already but I will still share it. Better than never. ^_^

We were supposed to be going to Subic last year for a swimming but we ended up going to Olongapo. Not a big deal for me since it was my first time to go there and I was curious about the place. There was nothing so special about the resort that we went to. I think I like the resort in Subic much better than here 'coz I was able to see some fishes on the shallow part of the beach. Yeah, those fishes enjoy swimming with the people. Anyways, Paul and I had still fun here because we were able to observe the activities of the locals.

The view from our room. We had to get a room so we could keep our things in there.

It was a very windy day.

We noticed these people pulling a rope. They are fishermen so we approached them to check out their catch. We bought half a kilo of Torsillo. One guy from the group volunteered to cook it for us.

Since the fish is fresh, Paul requested a kilawin. The local people are very nice and they even bought the ingredients for us. So we just gave them a little amount for their service.

We also ordered grilled squid. Both of these foods are yummy! We had a late lunch already since we arrived at the place at past 12 noon.

The sunset was the best part! We really waited for this.

Before going home, we went to Vascos, I think this was already in Subic. They have a little museum about antique stuffs that were found under the sea. They also have a shop for scuba diving. What I like about this resto is that I see yachts while enjoying my margarita. We ate a little and drank. Paul loves beer and it's hard to argue with him about that.

I really had a lot of summer activities last year and I look forward to having it again this 2012.


  1. hi girl..olongapo is my hometown. i hope you enjoyed much..vascos is a great place!

  2. Oh my God, the grilled squid looks soooo good! Yum!

    Nice photos sis!

  3. @macy - I really enjoyed my stay there. We might go back there because the resort was quiet and peaceful. =)

    @bechay - It's really delicious sis. =)

  4. Kilawin is may favorite!

    Ganda ng sunset!

    following you now.




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