Jan 9, 2012

Welcoming 2012

I've been MIA for more than a week now. I've been doing some errands for my sister this week and I'm glad I'm back on my virtual world. So here I am posting my new year blog very late. I know I've been a procrastinator when it comes to posting on my blog last year so I hope this 2012 will be different. I really look forward on blogging more. ^_^

Our New Year's Eve was one of my memorable new year celebration because of the incident that had happened while welcoming the year 2012. But before I share that to you I just wanna share some memories I had.

We only prepared few dishes. Just like other family, it's also our tradition to put 12 round fruits on the table.

We drank wine with pulutan on the side. =)

Some firecrackers.

I tried my best to get good shots of fireworks since I was only using a point and shoot camera...

It's me and my sis posing while the fountain was still there.

I'm so thankful none of us including the neighborhood got hurt during the fireworks. Our supposedly finale' for the fireworks was an epic fail. The box fell on the ground facing us first then in different directions so the fireworks went to horizontal instead of its vertical direction so we had to run for our lives because the fireworks were everywhere. Good thing there was a car parked nearby and most us hid there. After that incident, all of us were laughing about it but it was really scary.

Happy New Year everyone. =)


  1. Happy new year sis! I'm glad that even if the firecrackers malfunctioned, no one was hurt. Have a blessed and more fruitful 2012! ^^

  2. Thanks sisses.

    @Sumi Go:It's not actually a malfunction. Kasalanan lang talaga ng nagsindi ng firework. LOL



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