Feb 28, 2012


Paul bought me a bottle of Jalapeños when we had our Valentine date in Clark, Pampanga. He bought me a bottle of Jalapeños in Puregold Clark. He knows that I love spicy foods so much. 

 So I experimented with my jalapeños so I wouldn't get bored eating them. I mixed some jalapeños with my spaghetti and it tasted well.

I also put some on my liver spread sandwich which completed with the taste. I'm still thinking of other recipes that can get along with jalapeños. I'm thinking of making nachos one of these days when I'm not buys. =)


  1. I like jalapeños although I'm not too crazy with spicy foods.. :D I want to try spaghetti with jalapeños. I bet it would taste good 'cause of the added kick.. :)

  2. Wahhh! I can never have those chili peppers. Mahina ako sa anghang sis.



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