Feb 17, 2012

Mexican Food and Korean Food

We went to Clark and decided dine on our favorite Mexican restaurant there. We've been there for the nth time and the waitresses already recognize us. They already know where we usually sit and what we usually order. LOL We had our lunch there.

They served our drinks first. Their margarita is the best! And it's worth the price for 160 pesos only which includes the small glass on  the side. They are very generous in serving their margarita. The service is great no matter how many customers are eating and they never failed since the very first time we ate here.

Our all time favorite Quesadilla with salsa and jalapeño on the side. We love their salsa because it has a very distinct taste that cannot be compared with others. I guess that's because of the herbs that they put in there. It's really yummy that I can eat it alone. I can feel the chunks of tomatoes while it's inside my mouth. Of course, I wouldn't want to miss the jalapeño, we both love it. It's not too spicy compared to 'siling labuyo' that sometimes we just munch it like chips. LOL

I love decorating  my food before eating it. It looks appealing to me.

We also ordered Burritos - the cheese and bean one since I don't like the ones with beef or chicken. We left the resto with a full tummy.

At dinner, we had Samgyeopsal. I like their kimchi. It tastes sweet and very spicy. What I like with Korean Restaurants is that they give a free refill when you ask for a kimchi. Their Samgyeopsal is very affordable for only 170 pesos compared with what we had in Quezon City but to be fair, the meat in Quezon City (I forgot the name of the resto) is sliced thinly like bacons unlike here as what you can see on the picture.

There's so much other restos that we wanna visit in Clark especially the original sisig but everytime we get there, we crave for mexican food. It's like we've already incorporated Clark with Iguana's that everytime we go there, paying a visit is a must. LOL


  1. Margaritas always make things better :)

    *one more please!*

    Much support, Christia
    Blog Post SERIES #1: Potipot Trip from Christia's World

    P.S. Agave has bottomless margaritas, just a thought, you may want to check it.

  2. Mexican food is one of my favorites! I'm seriously craving for them after reading your post. I wish I could get some right now.



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