Mar 6, 2012

A Date at the Red Crab

Paul and I had a dinner date at The Red Crab in Timog. I was craving for seafoods that night so the moment we saw this restaurant, we didn't think twice.

The got a nice ambiance inside the resto. We chose to sit on their couch because I have the habit of slouching while waiting for our orders.  We were facing this part of the resto so I was able to take a shot of it. On the upper part of the wall it has the lyrics of the song "Tong Tong Pakitong-kitong" written.

Crab shaped plate.

 Photo op before eating. =)

Finally, our food arrived on the table. We only ordered one dish since we both know that we cannot eat all of them. And we were right, we're not able to finish the whole crab. We ordered 'schezuan crab.' I was very much satisfied with their service and they are really nice. One of the waiters even offered himself to take a picture of us when he saw us having a hard time holding the camera for taking a shot.


  1. may eat all you can promo pa ba sila? wow, bait naman ng waiter. =)

  2. I'm not sure sis. I wasn't able to ask them.

  3. I love crabs di nga lang ako comfy kainin sya nang wala sa house. Hehe. That really looks good, though.

  4. ^Mahirap talaga kainin pag wala sa house sis. Mejo nakakaconscious but we didn't care. Kinamay pa rin namin yung crab. LOL


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