May 4, 2012

Auroraville Resort

It was a biglaang yaya from my friend and since I love swimming so without any second thoughts I immediately agreed. We just planned this a night before so we were not that really prepared but it's fine since only three of us who were free that time - my friend, her boyfriend and I. That night was also the time we searched for a nice and affordable resort near our place. Among the resorts we found, we chose Auroraville Resort located at 41 Carreon Village, San Bartolome, Novaliches, QC. We just based it on the pictures we see through their Facebook profile. =)

When we arrived at the place, we thought that the pool was already jampacked but we were wrong. There were two separate swimming pools pala and the one we saw was rented already. Then the staff guided us to the non-private pool and we really got excited 'coz there were no other people swimming but only the three of us. The pool wasn't bad at all. It wasn't that big but at least it was clean.

As you can see, we were on a budget and as I've said earlier, we were not prepared so my friend just cooked whatever was available in their fridge. Her BF just brought some mangoes, a corn and drinks. I bought chips.

We had photo ops in the water. Sulit talaga ang underwater cam ko. =) 

Of course, I have my own solo shot. Pang Facebook lang ang peg. LOL

By the way, we only paid P120 ($4) per person. The price was really affordable and reasonable. We didn't rent a kubo/hut since the tables are free. They also have a clean shower room. We were not that choosy that's I guess this resort was okay of us.


  1. 120php per person? That's awesome. And you, ladies, seem to have had a blast. :)

    1. Hi sis, sorry for late reply. I think it's 120 Php per person.

  2. I miss the spontaneity of my youth!!
    looks and sounds like a great time for all of you...good for you!

  3. Yung 120 po ba overnight na yun?


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