May 2, 2012

Caterpillar Crawling on our Door

Last year of June, I saw this caterpillar crawling on our door. I hate caterpillars, they are itchy and it hurts if you touch it. I had accidentally touched a caterpillar when I was gardening and it really hurt my hand. It was very very itchy that my hand turned reddish. Its needle-like hair was very hard to remove from my hands. I didn't put any medicine or ointment on it. The itchiness just went away after a couple of minutes. So the next time I go gardening, I made a point to wear gloves to avoid hurting my hands. =)


  1. I've only seen a caterpillar twice. Good thing we don't have them anywhere in the house (okay, we don't have a garden anyway).. ^^

    Have a nice day sis!



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