May 25, 2012

The Importance of Saving Money

We should be wise enough in handling our own money so that we'll have something to use in emergency situations. In my case, I have a piggy bank in my room wherein everyday I drop coins in it (usually 10 peso). This is really helpful for me especially when I was just a student because we usually spend a lot on our school projects. But now, I usually deposit the coins I save from my piggy bank almost every month. Another thing I do to save money is that I don’t buy things that are not important. I prioritize the things that we really need and I always consider the quality of an item before buying it so it could last long. That's why I am able to Spend Less and Save More. But I don't deprive myself from buying things that I want. If I have extra money then I can buy clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. as long as I know my limits. Sometimes I go to bazaars because clothes are a lot cheaper there compared with the branded ones. I am really practical in buying my stuffs. Since we are in recession, being a wise money spender is necessary nowadays.


  1. I agree, saving for the rainy days is really important.

  2. i wish i could be like you when it comes to saving. :p but i'm getting there. :) i used to own a coin bank too (in an ice cream shape) but i forgot where my savings went. anyway, great post.

    my blog giveaway is now open, hope you can join. thanks. :)

  3. Agree! Mas ok pa din mag save and budgeted lahat ng binibili natin. =)


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