May 26, 2012

Philpan Diving Resort

Last May 12, we went to Anilao, Batangas to do some snorkeling. It was a very hot day and we just wanted to take dip at the beach to enjoy the heat of summer. 

Again, I was amazed by the old structures that we passed by along Taal, Batangs. 

Paul already went here before so he's already familiar with the place. One of their staff even recognized him. Well the resort was just simple, it was rocky and has no sand it's mainly for snorkeling and scuba diving.If you're not choosy like us, you'll definitely like this resort. It's somehow cozy and some of the staff are nice and accommodating. 

We arrived there at around 4pm already so we hurriedly changed and went to the beach right away. The water was clear but it was very rocky. Paul had to wear slippers while swimming but I wasn't comfortable with that so I had to bear that uncomfy feeling while stepping on them but I got used to it after a couple of minutes. 

I saw different types of fishes. I had hard a time taking pictures of them since most of the fishes are small. They are also camera shy 'coz everytime they see the flash my camera, they would swim away from me. 

Shy fish. This fish was trying to hide in the rocks. Good thing I was able to take a nice shot before he was able to hide. 

Blue fishes! I got this one from the video I took. I love their color. 

We went off the beach when the sun was about to set. We took a rest while waiting for our dinner. We had grilled tilapia, fried tulingan and chop suey. The chop suey doesn't taste like it 'coz it's buttery so I called it buttered veggies. Maybe it's their own version of chop suey. We were eating dinner while the sun was setting down and it was very relaxing. 

Sunset is love. ^_^ The sky was very calm and even turned into purple. We still wanted to swim but it was already dark so hopefully we could come back here again. Mejo nabitin kami. LOL 

Most hospitals in our country are named after a significant person, saint or place but this one is really interesting... and unique. 

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