Jun 12, 2012

A 1000 Peso Bill

Yesterday, my friend and I dropped by at National Bookstore Katipunan to buy a double sided tape because the ribbon of my shoe was about to fall off. While I was paying at the cashier, I looked at my shoe to check the ribbon to my surprise, I saw a crumpled 1000 peso bill in between my two feet. I didn't know how to react that time 'coz I was really shocked so I called the attention of my friend. I was the only person on the line and my friend was about 3 feet away from me. Since some of my coins fell, I hurriedly picked them up including the 1000 peso bill and approach my friend telling her "I saw a money!" So we had a brief discussion in one corner of the store to whether should I return the money or not. After a few minutes, we decided not to return it. Why? Because we are sure that nobody will claim it besides, there's no name in it. If it's a wallet or anything that has an identification, we will return it to the authority of that store without thinking twice. I know some who read this might give a think negatively but who knows? This is really a blessing for me since my birthday will be the next day. My friend told me that "Maybe that's really for me so I can buy a new pair of shoes." LOL

So off we went to Shakey's. I treated my friend a lunch. Supposedly, we were going to eat at McDonald's but that incident changed our mind. While we were waiting for our order, I still can't believe about it. I asked myself "Is it a gift from God?"

Before we got home, we dropped by at SM Fairview to buy milk tea at Bubbatealicious. Off course, it's a treat again to my friend. We have to share our blessings, right?

As of writing this blog post, I am a year older now. So I thought to myself that I should really set priorities to myself and thank God for every blessings that He's been giving me. =)


  1. Happy Birthday! That bill is heaven sent. GTalker here :)

  2. Finders keepers! Ok lang yan. Baka mamaya may mag claim tapos di naman pala sya may ari diba?

    1. Thanks. =) Yan din ang naisip namin ng friend ko kaya hindi na namin binalik sa staff ng store.



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