Jun 30, 2012


These pictures were taken last year of July when our garden were filled with caterpillars so I couldn't help but to take pictures of them. It was kinda' gross 'coz I hate caterpillars. LOL

I also saw this cute little creature from our other calamansi plant.

I saw a lot of them from the same plant and I really felt goosebumps.

 Another caterpillars...

Doesn't it look pretty?

After a couple of days, I saw these on the same plant where I saw the caterpillars. I think this was their pupa. Wow! Those scary caterpillars have turned into color and beautiful butterflies. Too bad I wasn't able to take pictures of them 'coz I saw some butterflies flying on our garden.

I hope to see these scary but cute little creatures again this year. I love seeing our garden with lots of butterflies. =)

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