Jun 5, 2012

Sophie Summer is the ANTM Cycle 18 Winner!

Photo from digital spy

I really got hooked watching cycle 18 and really watched it since day 1. I was really excited to see who will win since I both like the 2 finalists but in the end, this cute and bubbly finalist from the UK won the hearts of judges. Sophie Summer did well on the competition, she won best picture on some of the challenges, she's good in walking and she's got a very nice personality. On the other hand, Laura LaFrate, the runner up also did well on the final challenge, she's really a strong contender and won a lot of challenges. I guess the judges had a hard time on choosing the winner. Well all I can say is, congratulations to both of them. =)


  1. I actually wanted Annaliese to win! But Sophie is deserving as well. :)

    1. I also like Annaliese, she's very jolly and bubbly. =)

  2. I watched a couple of episodes but became busy that didn't know cycle 18 already came to an end!

    <3 joei
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    1. Thanks. I love joining giveaways these days. =)



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