Jul 31, 2012


Last June 9, we went to Antipolo for a swimming because we knew that there were lots of resorts there. We didn't plan, made a research nor did a list on which resort to go there. Hahaha!!!

Before going to Antipolo, we dropped by at Don Antonion in Commonwealth for a late lunch. We were craving for Korean food that time so we had our favorite Korean dish.

I just simply love Kimchi Jigae because I love spicy soup. Hahaha!!!

Off course, we wouldn't wanna miss the Samgyeopsal. This is very filling even without the rice. The pork belly was thinly sliced which made it easy to chew when wrapped by a lettuce.

Side dish, I dunno what they are called except the Kimchi.

Side dish again with the uncooked pork meat. Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of the lettuce. LOL

I'm glad we were able to finish them all and our tummies were full without the feeling of bloatedness. I guess it's because we didn't have the rice. =) Now, we were ready to go to Antipolo!

We reached Antipolo at almost 6pm already, we saw a resort but it was already closed, they didn't have a night swimming. They mentioned a resort but we couldn't find it since we were not really familiar with the place. We tried searching for another resort but to no avail, we couldn't find one. We should've had made some research before going there because I believe there are lots of resort that can be found in this place it's just that we didn't exactly they were located.

To our dismay, we just went to Cloud 9 since I haven't visited that place yet and we thought there might be a pool there but we found out that the pool wasn't already that clean and maintained. So we just toured around the place.

 I just had a photo in Cloud 9 to make our visit "sulit." By the way, I heard some geckos there, I was entertained by their sound. It was my second time to hear geckos, the first one was when we were in Eagle Point Resort but unfortunately, I haven't seen one.

We stayed there until sun set. The view was simply amazing. =)

Afterwards, we looked for a nice place to drink and eat a little. 

We had a not so healthy "lechon kawali" and "balot" (which is not on the picture) while enjoying our beer. Then we went home a bit disappointed because I was really expecting that we'll go swimming. Now we already knew what to do the next time we visit a new place.


  1. My boyfriend is Korean so I eat it all the time, this looks delicious!!

    Sheinside GIVEAWAY

  2. sayang namn di akyo naka swim. Ok lang ang sasarap namn ng kinain nyo! yum!

    1. May next time pa naman. Nag enjoy naman kami sa food.LOL



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