Jul 16, 2012


Last August 2011, we went to Isabela to pay a visit to our grandmother's grave and of course, some of our relatives there. Isabela is where I was born and this place is so dear to me eventhough I didn't grow up here. There's nothing really special with our province. No special tourist attractions to go to but I love its simplicity, it's green surroundings, the scent of the grass, the view of the mountains, rice fields, and other plantations of vegetables.

We had to pass by several mountains and steep roads in going to Isabela. Some of the roads are a bit dangerous so be careful in driving. I enjoyed the views of the rice fields, mountains and fountains. 

Foggy mountain. Just woke up in the car and saw this nice view from my window. It was really cold so we opened the windows of the car to breath fresh air. It felt really good.

This is Isabela! You can normally see rice grains or corns on the roads. 

I saw a lot of corn fields in our town.

Goats. You can also see carabaos, cows, and chickens on empty lots.

This big but cute and friendly cat greeted us when we arrived at my uncle's house. 

They served us delicious foods and this is one of the reasons why I love visiting my uncle's house. LOL


My favorite Dinengdeng. I think most of the veggies are harvested from my uncle's garden. No wonder why it tasted so good.

Another specialty from Isabela is their Pancit Cabagan. It's noodles are sold fresh as in freshly made. We bought more than 1kilo of noodles from the market to bring in Manila.

We also bought some vegetables in the market since they are cheaper here compared in Manila. We only visited Isabela in a day so after visiting our other relatives and had a little rest, we had to leave and go back to Manila.


  1. Specialty ba ng mga taga Isabela ang Dinengneng? It sometimes feels good to pay visit in our respective provinces once in a while noh..refreshing kasi!

  2. Sarap sa probinsya sariwa ang hangin! At ang mga gulay fresh talaga at bagong ani lang. Gusto ko yung dinengdeng!

    1. Thanks.=) Sarap talaga magstay sa province once in a while.

  3. I suddenly craved for chopsuey.awww! :/
    btw, howq are you feeling na? :)


    1. I'm doing great naman. Healthy pa rin naman ako. LOL Thanks =)



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