Aug 25, 2012

I Miss Blogging

It's been weeks since I last wrote on my blog. I've been in a daze about the things that's happening in my life lately. It was shocking, crazy and stupid; and I can't even think properly on how to start blogging again. Oh, it's crazy when you let your emotions get over you... it's really crazy stupid... Now I was left hanging with literally CLUTTERED THOUGHTS. I miss reading your blogs, I miss my readers (if there's any). hahaha!!!

Anyways, I hope I can start with my blogging/self/life normally again. Hopefully I can write more interesting entries this time. One good thing about being so down is that you learn how to be stronger and... be closer to yourself. (enough of the dramas)

I've got a lot of goals that I want to accomplish. I want to try solo backpacking, scuba diving, bungee jumping, rappelling, zip lining, anything adventurous, I want to get out of my shell, get a regular job or business maybe (that I'm not decided yet... hahaha!) Oh, I also want to remain single for a couple of years. I wanna get closer with myself. I guess I've already forgotten who I am that's why I had hard times on making my own decisions. But I'm not closing my door. Boys, you can still send me your applications and other documents for manpower pooling. Hahaha!!! Of course, I'm just kidding!

I hope before the year ends, I would be able to decide to whether I should be a nurse or a businesswoman. You know, they can't be together so I should really choose only one but I both love them. Hayzzz... Whatever happens, whatever decision I make, I hope there would still be HAPPINESS...

Miss you guys ^_^

P.S.: I don't know if it's a right decision to share my blog with my family and friends this time. It's just that I'm so hiya with the things I write here. Hahaha!!!


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