Sep 3, 2012

First Day

It's my first day of training for my Clinical Nursing Practice. See, I'm really doing my best to put things back in shape... I mean I'm trying my best to rearrange my life eventhough at times I still feel depressed and stressed with all the things that happened. Sure, I'm trying my best to be happy. 

On my first day, I met a lot of new people. Had chitchats with them... shared some thoughts... we laughed.... But when I got home, it's a reality check, I haven't moved on yet. I know it's not easy but I should be strong. 

It's really difficult to cope up with LONELINESS, I ain't got nobody to comfort me. My sister is working abroad as well as my mom, my friends are busy with their lives, too. So I should keep myself super busy to forget about all the odds in my life...

Ugh!!! Sadness, I hate you so much!!!


  1. Be strong for yourself and I guess your doing the right thing to keep you occupy. Just remember! love yourself most!


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