Jun 5, 2013

Nursing Week 2012

This is another late post. Last year, during my training in the hospital, my batch was lucky enough to experience the celebration of the nursing week. On the last day of the said event, there was a pageant for staff nurses called "Mr. and Ms. Nursing." Of course, our group was very supportive on our candidates. We were there to cheer them. And I can say that we were the noisiest group among the crowd. Hahaha!

While our candidates were preparing for the pageant and us, preparing for the props, we had a lot of photo ops. As in a looottt!!! We used a vacant room while preparing so other people especially patients and their family won't see us and won't be disturbed. We were lucky that time because there was a vacant suite room. LOL... We even used the bed for photo op.

Pauso lang. Hahaha! Since I am small, I can fit into this small space.

 See, we even made our own banners. The materials are made of recycled materials except the colored cartolinas and balloons.LOL The boxes are from Kabiven (TPN Brand) and the sticks are I think borrowed from the mops. Hahaha!!!

Before the pageant begun, Rodjun Cruz did a special number. I didn't know that he's handsome pala. Most girls really should and got "kilig" when they saw her.

Our representative in our ward. Our group were really supportive that everytime they were on the stage we were cheering on them. Too bad, they didn't make it but at least we were happy and proud for them.

If I'm not mistaken the lady in the middle was Janine Tugonon, and the girl on the right was Empress Schuck. They were the judges. I wasn't paying attention when they're names are being called and my friends too so I couldn't confirm if that's really her.

We were lucky to have a picture with Empress Schuck. She was a bit near to where we were seated that's why we were able to approach her. 

This event was really fun even if both our candidates didn't win. But our escort made it to top five. So it wasn't bad at all. Having events like this in hospitals help nurses to take a little break from their busy duty days. Besides, all work is not good for every employee, right? Sometimes we need to relax and have some fun.

-October, 2012


  1. Yay! It's seems that it's really an overdue post, but the pictures are cute. Why didn't you join as one of the candidates; you're cute and showed bubbly personality?

    from Rosels' Mom Diary

    1. Thanks sis. I was just a trainee that time and only staff nurses can join. Besides, I don't have that confidence in standing in from of the crowd. LOL

  2. Your group/tropa looks so awesome! I mean, they're all supportive and funny! :)

    1. Thanks sis. They are really funny and supportive =)



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