Jun 3, 2013

Outfit: Boots vs. Slippers

This photo was really taken early last year. Since June is the start of rainy season, I decided to post this outfit even if it's too late. Better than never. Hehe...

We were on our way to Clark, Pampanga that time and we decided to stop over to refill gas from Lakeshore. Before leaving the gas station, we decided to explore the place and we saw this nice man made lake which is perfect for photo op. Hahaha! I wore slippers because they're comfy and my feet were relaxed.


I was wearing slippers while we were on our way to our destination but I changed it to boots when the evening came. I think boots are perfect for rainy and cold days. I really love boots. Too bad we don't have winter here in the Philippines. But when cold weather comes, I really do wear boots. They're very comfy and fashionable.

Top - Bazaar
Jeggings - Bazzar
Slippers - Birkenstock 
Boots - Payless


  1. I'd go for the boots. Looks more polished. :D

  2. Payless sells really awesome affordable stuff. I go there to save on shoes too but sometimes hard to find my size. Laging ubos. Hehe.

    1. I think we have the same shoe size. I also have hard times finding my size on payless. LOL

  3. Yeah, I love wearing boots too! You're correct, boots are so comfy. How I wish I can wear boots more often. :-)

  4. That's a cute pair!

    When I got depressed last 2012, i was so into that type of foot wear i ended up buying 7 pairs lol i still wear them once in a while depending on my mood :)

    1. 7 Pairs? That's a loottt! I only got 3 boots. And this is the only pair I wear among the 3. LOL



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