Nov 5, 2013


Here I go again! I'm always a confused girl, who doesn't know where to go and which to choose. If I'm not mistaken, I''ve already blogged about this matter and I'm blogging about this again. Hahaha!

There are many factors why I can't decide on which path to choose. First, my family. It's difficult when they wanted something for me that I'm not really interested in doing. Secondly, peer pressure (LOL) but it's true. One of my friend wants me to join her to work again with our profession but that's when I decided to switch to a new profession which I think I will really enjoy and love doing. Thirdly, I'm just insane. PERIOD!

It's never to late to take a new path, right? I know in a few years, I would turn 30 but it's just now that I've realized what I really want for myself. Something that I've decided all by myself without other people's influence nor advice.

We only live once and I want to do what makes me happy. I want to know what's my purpose and I want to make my life worth living and meaningful. I hope everything will be okay. I trust everything to our dear Lord!


  1. Everyone encounters confusion like what you're having right now. Just make sure that you do what you happy. God bless!

  2. All of us, at some point, come at a crossroad in our lives. Imagine always knowing what you want, wouldn't life be less interesting that way? hehe!

    kimmy came here!

  3. follow your heart and everything will fall into its perfect place ;) good luck sis!

    btw, followed you on G+ and bloglovin!

    1. Thanks for your short but meaning words of advice. Will follow you back sis. =)


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