Mar 6, 2014

Ash Wednesday 2014

I'm glad I was able to make it to the church after my activity. Even if I was already tired and my feet were aching I still went to the church for the the Ash Wednesday. It feels good to go home knowing that you have accomplished something that day. =)


  1. good job! buti ka pa you made it. had so much work i could handle that day, so maybe start na yun of my penitensya? hehehe!

  2. Thanks sis Maita, God bless you, too.

    Thanks sis Angel, sayang kasi, I was already near the church so why not try to catch up for the mass na din.

  3. Have a blessed Lent, sis :)

  4. Have a holy Lent, fast, give and pray! God bless :)

  5. I wasn't able to catch up the whole mass that Ash Wednesday, but was able to have the ash on my forehead. :( I wish the chapel near our office could have an evening mass.
    Glenda C.


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