Jun 16, 2014

My 29th Birthday

Last June 12, I celebrated my 29th birthday. This time no eating at fancy restaurant nor blowing a cake. We simply went to Manaoag for me to offer thanksgiving for the blessings that I've received lately. Actually, I don't really celebrate my birthday extravagantly so I'm used to it. LOL 

The weather was gloomy that time. Mt. Arayat was cloudy. It was raining that time. It was like there's storm coming. 

Raindrops. Finally, we arrived at Pangasinan. 

Before attending the mass, we headed first to have my sister and BIL's new car for blessing. We waited for a couple of minutes. A lot of people were there too for blessing of their cars. 

Afterwards, we offered prayers for the soul, prayer for the sick, thanksgiving, etc. Then we went to the church to attend the mass. 

Before leaving,  light candles and did my petition prayer.

I may not have a fancy birthday this year, the blessings I have received is enough for me. I know there are more things/surprises for me this year and I am looking forward on it. I am really happy right now though my life is not perfect. As they say, learn to count your blessing than complaining on the things you can't have. :)


  1. Hi sis! Mrs. Kolca from GT here. Belated happy birthday. Pareho tayong June babies. Hehe.

    1. Thanks sis. Wow! My kaparehas pa lang kong June ang birthday. ;)

  2. Belated happy birthday sis! :) May all your wishes come true. I've only been to Manaoag twice, but I believe Our Lady hears our prayers and intercedes for us :)

    1. Thanks sis. I rarely visit Manaoag but I am still a devotee. ;)

  3. Belated happy bday sis!

    From GT <3



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