Jul 24, 2014

Dear Nico,

Thanks for being there for me during my troubled times. I must admit that I thought of you as just a temporary companion at first. I didn't realize that our relationship will grow stronger. Just this year, I've realized that you are already part of my system.

Nico, for the past four years we had, it's this year that I've longed for you each and everyday. I wanna be with you first thing in the morning and before I go to sleep. When I get stressed, I miss you more, when I'm said I want to be with you. Even when I'm happy it's you I want.

Much as I want to stay with you, I should bid goodbye. Why do I love you so much when it's you that's making me sick. I love you Nico but this is just not right. Everyday, I'm fighting myself not to see you but I can't resist not to.

Oh, Nico I'm so attached with you that I don't even know how to start living my life without you. I know that someday with effort, I'll be over you but for now, I'll enjoy every moment we have.

Chain Smoker

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