Jul 25, 2014

Household Matters

So since I'm leaving soon, I've instructed everything to our helper on what she should do when I'm away especially on the household chores, laundry, changing of curtains, tablecloths,etc. I've instructed every details so she won't miss doing a thing. I'm very particular with our kitchen 'cause I want it to be clean all the time especially the dining table since there are times that unexpected guests would come. I want the table to presentable and clean especially its natural tablecloth. So for a natural burlap tablecloth, I've instructed her to change and clean it at least once a week. Having a clean natural tablecloth will really impress our guests.

I've also instructed her to clean our fridge everyweek. Well, I can trust her on this matter since she's good at cleaning our house. I'll check her maybe everyweek if I have the time to see if she's doing what she's told. My would also visit the house to check if everything's fine.

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