Jul 22, 2014

Organizing a Nursing Seminar

During my days as a nurse trainee, we had a lot of activities like organizing seminars that has different topics which is related to nursing. Coming up with a topic and organizing the flow of the seminar was really brain draining. We had some debates with groupmates, some arguments, misunderstandings, etc. But at the end of the day we've come up with a final output. We also had to entertain our guests so we had to come up with a special number. It was really a challenge for us because we were the first presenter and we had to be creative with our stage to make it attractive to guests and for that, one of my groupmates suggested to have a unique kind of stage drama. LOL. The premiertablelinens.com for stretch spandex panels was a good idea. It made our stage and the whole auditorium looked unique compared with other groups and gave a lively ambiance because the background was colorful. I guess everyone enjoyed our dance number since most of them clapped their hands and some even screamed. This was a really one of my memorable moment during my training days. I wish we could do that again out of our busy working hours.

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