Oct 22, 2014

New World

What made me MIA for the past couple of months? Well, it was a big adjustment for me to have no internet connection for a couple of months. It feels like I haven't been online for a long year. But now, all is well (hopefully). Anyways, it's not that easy to get an internet connection especially that I was just new in this place. I'm in a foreign land... new place, new people, new workplace - everything is new for me in here. Though I didn't have a hard time adjusting before there are many Filipinos here. All of my flatmates are Filipinos, most of my workmates are Filipinos and whenever we go to the grocery near our place we still see a Filipino. It's just the place and culture that has changed. I arrived at Riyadh, KSA at night so I didn't really see how beautiful this place was. But all I can say is that it was hotter than the Philippines. It was already 10 in the evening when I arrived at our accommodation and I could feel how hot it was. It was holiday that time so I had to wait for 4 days before reporting in the office that means 4 days of being a bum in our accommodation. So I took the opportunity to sleep, eat and rest a lot because I knew after that it would be all work for me. 

This was the view I saw when I was first went out of our flat. I was on my way to the hospital where I will work.

It was really a new environment for me and I could feel the hot weather. I was really nervous that time because I was interviewed by our Medical Director. Good thing, the interview went well and I was assigned to the area where I was comfortable working at.

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