Oct 22, 2014

Please Cover Your Hair!

Me, wearing a tarha

For non-Muslims, I think it's not necessarily needed to cover the hair all the time. It depends on the place and on the people you will meet. Because I see Filipinos in the mall or grocery store who don't cover their. I had this memorable experience when I had to report to our office. I approached this guy wearing tobe with headdress and asked something. He suddenly gave me a frown and told me, "Please cover your hair." LOL I didn't know that if we're going to our office, we had to cover our hair. So I immediately covered my hair with my tarha. I had really no idea about the Muslim or Saudi culture. But as time goes by, I'm learning to adapt and adjust with the help of my Filipino co-workers.


  1. LOL .. Well Saudi society is different and difficult for other islamic & arabic countries .
    There are always some laws and guidelines have to be followed i saudi to keep your self away from troubles . Saudi Generally close community .
    Can you Add me @ FB please ?

    1. Yes. Living in Saudi is not that bad after all. You just have to follow their law and everything's going to be alright.

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