Mar 2, 2015

Back Aches

As an OB Nurse, it is our duty to assist our patient in ambulating especially if the patient is a post-Caesarian since she's in deep pain and sometimes she has mild to moderate dizziness. The challenge for me as a nurse comes in, I had to assist her from her bed to get up and sometimes I had to carry her weight. But not all patients are like that. I really appreciate those patients who know how to help themselves. I work in a private hospital so sometimes I deal with stubborn and uncooperative patients.

Another thing is, when we receive a post-Caesarian patient, we had to transfer her from the stretcher to her bed wherein lifting the patient is needed. Mind you, we don't have Nursing Aids so the OR nurses and Ward nurses are the ones who will do the lifting. And what makes it harder is that when the patient is heavy. LOL

So now, I'm suffering from back aches. I bought an ointment and it helps relieves my muscle pain but not for long. I think I need a massage but I have no idea where to have one. As a woman, it's not easy going out anywhere you want in KSA. So I'm trying to just switch my ointment and hopefully I'll be able to find a good one here As of now, I'm trying to find a good brand here.

I also sleep a lot during my day off and do a little exercise. I eat healthy foods and take my vitamins also. As a healthcare worker, I need to take care of my health and it's my very important investment in life.


  1. I am a CS patient, and I remember that time when the nurse have to transfer me but if my memory is right a 2 male nurse lifted me.

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention that all of the nurses here are female because I'm in KSA and I work in a maternity hospital. Females here especially Saudi are not allowed to be seen my males who are not their husband or immediate family.

  2. Massage would be helpful! Treat yourself for a good and relaxful massage or hilot.. Hehe


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