Jan 25, 2016

Exploring KSA - Part 2

This is the first time I get to see what's outside Riyadh. I mean this is still part of Riyadh but our place looks literally a city - no desert but mostly buildings and infrastructure. That's why while we were on the road I was amazed how wonderful this place is so I didn't stopped my camera from capturing some stuff, scenery or any random pictures along the way. 

Bus? Why a bus? Well in the main city, I didn't see any bus in there so this is the time I realized from this moment I saw one. Hahaha! 

Sunset. It's best to go out at early morning because when the sun is out, it's really hot and sometimes it hurts on the skin. 

Another thing I've noticed was there wasn't that much vehicles on the road. So the travel was really smooth and fast:

I never thought that Saudi is all desert and partly buildings or infrastructures but I was wrong there are some greenish part:

A bunch of dates trees:

Other wonderful pictures that I took:

It was winter that time so the weather is really perfect for traveling and that's why some of the pictures I took are foggy.

I was really in awe seeing these wonderful things in the Kingdom. Indeed, Saudi is beautiful in its own way. And I can't help but share many pictures with you guys.

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