Mar 27, 2017

Best Camera for Traveling: Sony Alpha A5000

For a month now, I've been contemplating on which camera to buy since I have plans to start my bucket list for traveling for the next months or so. Good thing I have stumbled upon this giveaway from yugatech. And Sony Alpha A5000 is included on my 3 choices that I have been thinking about on buying.

Photo from Yugatech

Why this camera is among my choices and what makes it worth buying?

1. I hate carrying heavy things. Even if I want to own a DSLR, I would still choose to carry this kind of camera for comfort and convenience. I'm a fan of light and small things. LOL

2. It is also perfect for selfies as well as for vloggers since the LCD screen can be tilted. It provides full HD movie shooting too.

3. I like the fact that this camera is also available in white color. Not just the usual black color.

4.  The lens is interchangeable so that means I can get good quality of pictures like the ones from a DSLR.

5. Perfect for traveling! This compact camera has all the features I want.

If I won the giveaway, I don't have to buy one and just get it for free. Hahaha! To know more about Sony Alpha A5000, you can visit Sony Philippines.

*Disclaimer: All opinions are mine and this is an entry for Yugatech's contest.

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