Apr 27, 2017

Foodie: Saudia Soy vs. Alpro Soya Unsweetened

Soya is one of my favorite drinks. So it's always on my list everytime I do grocery shopping here in Riyadh. There are quite a few selection of brands available in the market and I'm not sure which one will suit my taste so I took these 2 brands from the rack. So here's my verdict:

Saudia Soy:

The taste is okay but I find it very sweet and I don't like my soya drink to be that very sweet. But I think those who like it sweet will like it. Does that make sense? LOL...

Alpro Soya:

This one is the opposite of Saudia because its taste is bland and I really liked it. It taste more natural than the Saudia. I'll definitely buy another one the next time I go to grocery.

Well, both of them claim that they are natural as what is written on the box. It just depends on your taste if you want it to be sweet or simply bland just like my preference.

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